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How We Work With You

Our mission is to find what you need to live longer and healthier in all respects

 Step 1

 You book a slot.


Step 2

And then where the fun begins.


Step 3

You attend in person for a comprehensive psychological and physical assessment. We then help you to choose the appropriate programme (TheraFit bundle).


Step 4

Every 5 weeks we together – including all of the professionals involved in your Bundle – review your progress and adjust your TheraFit Bundle accordingly, for example whether your emphasis might move to more Reformer Pilates or other alternative therapy approaches within the Bundle according to your individual personal needs and circumstances.


Step 5

 After completing our unique Bundles, we can guarantee that you will enjoy your bespoke TheraFit  journey.

TheraFit London
TheraFit London
Reformer Pilates
TheraFit London
Yoga Instructor

Book a Slot

To start working with us book a slot for a Discovery Call.

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