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TheraFit Signature Classes

TheraFit  London also offers signature classes in Reformer Pilates, mat Pilates, Yoga and Stretch.

Our Classes

Pilates Practice on a Reformer

Reformer Pilates Primer.

The participants will learn the basics of Pilates principals, proper alignment and breathing techniques. You will learn how to set up the reformer bed according to your body size and preferences.


Benefits: With our expert coaches , you will cultivate a deeper mind-body connection, learn to move with intention and awareness, focusing on quality of movement rather than quantity.

TheraFit London

Reformer Pilates Flow Intermediate.

The participants build upon the foundational skills learnt in the Reformer Primer classes and are introduced to more challenging exercises and sequences. Core stability remains a focal point in the class.


Benefits: The class promotes physical fitness, mental clarity and overall well-being. You will leave the class feeling energised, empowered and ready to tackle next fitness goals.

Pilates Class on Reformers

Reformer Pilates Athletic.

The Participants will learn a wider variety of complex exercises that require a high level of skill and control. Our expert coaches incorporate props such as magic circles, little balls and polls. You will learn advanced core exercises that challenge your ability to stabilize and spine and pelvis.


Benefits: The participants will significantly  improve their strength, power and endurance. Superior core stability is guaranteed after the class. You leave feeling empowered, energised and inspired to continue your Pilates journey with us.

Pilates Exercise

Mat Pilates Flow Intermediate

The participants build upon the foundational skills learnt in Mat Pilates Primer classes, and are  introduced to more challenging exercises and sequences. You will perform familiar movements with added complexity and variation. We use light weights, magic circles and small balls, which requires greater control and precision.


Benefits: The participants will significantly enhance core stability and postural alignment, visual changes in your body are guaranteed. You will leave feeling happy, strong, satisfied and inspired to continue your Pilates journey with us at the next level.

mat pilates

Mat Pilates Athletic

The class combines traditional Pilates movements with more dynamic exercises. The aim of the class is to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance. We use small balls, pols, magic rings, and light weights.


Benefits: The participants will definitely feel stronger, leaner, and younger after the class, improved posture and better overall body awareness and control.

Stretching Outdoors

Stretch All Levels

Our signature Stretch class focuses on lengthening and stretching the muscles for beginners, and for those who want to progress and improve their range of movement to an advanced level. Sometimes you might wake up to tension and aches in your muscles, or you will want to loosen up from head to toe after training in the gym, sitting in the office at the desk all day long, or sleeping in an uncomfortable position.


Benefits: The participants feel better and an inch taller after the first class. Reduce back pain, keep muscles strong and healthy, and increase flexibility and mobility.

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