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Our Story

We are sisters Irina and Liliya who came to the UK many years ago and set up separate businesses.


Irina is a former gymnast and worked with professional athletes. Irina has an immense passion for fitness.  Being a former gymnast has influenced her training style. She developed her own Irina K Fitness Method and successfully trained with professional athletes,  also  high profile and corporate clients. She has been working for the major fitness clubs in central London including in the Knightsbridge area.


Liliya worked providing therapy, coaching and training to individuals and businesses, to improve working relationships and countering stresses in the workplace. Liliya also worked  in the NHS and with  The Priory North London. She trains strategic ways of dealing with anxiety, depression and traumatic stress, using CBT and DBT approaches.


Having worked successfuly with many thousands of clients, all along we recognised that something was missing. We realised that our clients needed to combine our two approaches. They encouraged us to blend our  methods (vast experiences and expertise).

That was why we set up TheraFit London, to provide a range of approaches that can be taken under one roof so that a range of professionals could contribute where needed. We came up with what we call the Korallo Method.

Our 5 main principles are:

Clarity, Discipline, Commitment,  Consistency and Pleasure.

  Our clients found that the Korallo method was uniquely helpful, it targets individual challenges.

TheraFit London

Irina Korallo

Co-founder, Sport and Fitness expert

Irina has an immense passion for fitness. Her gymnastic background influenced her training style.
She has developed her Irina K Fitness Method and has successfully trained high profile clients and celebrities.
Her method combines high intensity interval training with resistance exercise.  She also practices Tabata and Pilates combining with gymnastic stretching routines.
Irina pays great attention to detail, so you get the best possible result from your time and energy.
She knows the importance of mental health and exercise on your weight loss journey, and believes that anyone can lose weight but that different things work for different people.
For Irina it is important to know that the client feels great, strong, energised and fitter at the end of each session.
With her method the key to success is simple – consistency, while maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

TheraFit London

Dr Liliya Korallo

 Co-Founder, Psychologist

Dr Liliya Korallo is a highly-experienced adult psychologist, lecturer and researcher with specialty interests in Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and PTSD. Her clinical focus includes, inter alia, providing Consultation and treatment for clients with Borderline Personality Disorders, Psychosis and other mental health presentations, Psychoeducation to clients who have members of their families diagnosed with  BPD and Psychosis, Supervision and teaching at the University of Exeter (Personality Disorders, Psychosis and Bi-polar Disorders), Psychological assessments/reports on medico-legal matters as an expert witness Clinical consultancy to private colleges, including Dulwich College, London.  

In addition to clinical expertise and postgraduate teaching, she is active in providing training/consultancy for corporate clients (see abroad as well as in the UK.

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